OEM manufacturer of Traffic Cabinets and Industrial Enclosures

Enclose Manufacturing Inc. is an OEM manufacturer of traffic cabinets and industrial enclosures. The cabinets and industrial enclosures we build are used in many markets. The markets range from Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing. We ship to DOTs, Contractors, and Manufacturers throughout the United States. Enclose also exports with air and sea shipments. We pride ourselves in producing USA Made products with the best quality and competitive pricing available today.

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Traffic Cabinet Manufacturing

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Enclose Manufacturing offers a wide variety of enclosure and cabinet solutions:

  • Traffic Cabinets
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Aluminum Enclosures
  • Stainless Enclosures
  • CalTrans Cabinets
  • NEMA Cabinets
  • 336S Cabinets
  • 334 Cabinets
  • 332D Cabinets
  • Battery, Lighting, & Solar
  • U.L., Type 12, 3R 4, 4X Cabinets
Traffic Cabinets & Enclosures Made in the USA