U.L. Type 3R, Traffic Cabinet Wall Mount Provisions

Model:  2800 28H x 26W x 15D

.125 5052 H32 Aluminum Alloy

Dual Door Flange design to ensure proper seal providing a high degree of protection
from Rain, Dust, Debris and other Contaminants.

All welds to be cleaned for a sharp appearance and or ground smooth.

Welds are preformed by qualified personnel using TIG, or Mig welding process.

Front S-Style Top Hood Sect.  with thermo Fan & Light Mount Provisions.

Single Door complex with Lift Off Hinges

3-Point Padlocking L-Handle ,  Roller Rods  with 1 ¼” Nylon Wheels.

Optional Security Locks available   Corbin #2, “Best Lock”,   “Schlage”

Typical Fresh Air Intake an integrated part of door assembly by means
of Stamped Louvers Openings with bug Screen and Filter Rack

Excess moisture or water to drain out through lower level louvers

Filter (BY-OTHERS)  optional Filter Rack sizes available upon request

Optional Cable wrap provisions mounted on side of cabinet

All dimensions are approximate and shall be used for reference ONLY. Actual dimensions may be obtained during fabrication.

U.L. Type 3R Traffic Cabinet

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